sábado, 19 de septiembre de 2020

Because life is happening right now in front of you!!!

A couple of days ago a colleague of mine called me to tell me about a big problem he was going through. He had an issue with his phone and was unable to find information we needed. He was completely frustrated and disappointed, unable to even think of possibilities on how to recover the information. I understand this is really a very big problem, that did happen to me in the past too.

What do we have to learn from an experience like this one? First, think about this: what if Hashem, God, the Divine, the Universe, or whatever the name you would use for that purpose, wants you to stop and bring you out of what you are doing? What if they have been sending you signs and messages to which you were not listening? What if they think you are ready to think different about everything you were doing till now?

Many of you will think, this is not true. Still it remains to be true!!! The only thing that you will never be able to recover is your own life, once you are gone, you will be gone forever and there will be no way back. This is the game of life! This is what we have to learn and understand.

Is this easy? Absolutely not!

Even though it is difficult to process this truth at certain stages in life, when burden and overwhelm are huge, it does not mean it is impossible to accomplish.

So, what I learned when this happened to me and it may even happen again in other ways is this: “OK Esther, now you have to use your brain and imagination to step back, understand they want you to slow down and listen”

What you need to be recovered will be recovered and what you do not need anymore, will not. It means, you do not need the burden of the information at this right moment.

Guess what happened latter? If I did loose information, when I needed it in the future, the information appeared just in front of me or someone contacted me to send it to me.

So just breathe, everything is been taken care of, we are always guided! This is another chapter of your amazing life! Try to live it the best you can instead of losing sight or even waste your precious life in what does not deserve to be taken into account! Remember life is happening now and you are the first actor on scene! The show must go on! Live now!

I wish you always the best of luck and much success!!! Keep shining your inner wisdom to yourself first, to discover the best road to follow instead of walking through the wrong one again and again!!!

Enjoy daily your amazing life! This is your own responsibility!


Esther Coronel de Iberkleid

Esther M. Coronel, PhD

“The Clarity Mentor” and “Life Changing Coach”

“Leadership Consultant for Visionary Leaders”

C.E.O. Chief Executive Officer

NAPREX – Natural Products for Export


La Paz - Bolivia 



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