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How to Plan a Memorable Year TODAY! Why do people want the same every year?

We all want that! A great year, an epic year, the best year, a year we will remember forever. But wait a minute! if we can make it once, maybe we can make it for all the years to come after it, because when we know which the tools we need to achieve it are, this is the answer to it: TOOLS FOR L.I.F.E. to Live Intensely Fully Energized.

Why do people want the same every year? The reason is, because they have been dreaming seated on a chair not knowing how to accomplish their dreams, how to make them alive! This is why; it is time to do things different, to finally achieve your dreams!

Does all this, sound familiar? Aren´t you tired to have every year the same story when the year is close to its end? So, it is definitely time for a complete change! A different approach to the situation, to solve it!
You just have 60 days to plan and make this happen to begin the next year NEW, full of energy and with a plan to execute!
I you want a change, you will have the passion to achieve your plan.
Did you ask yourself why you want that change?
Every person wants more money, fullfilment, joy, happiness, love, a partner that makes a difference in his life, and the list goes on and on and on. Does this sound familiar to you?
You have a list, you own your list and keep it in a known place year after year. Every year you read it again, and add more items  you want to have; as much as you wanted the ones you added last year.
Today you can change everything! This sounds exciting, I know, and it definitely is very exciting! I promise you it will be very exciting because I will guide you and help you change everything so you begin to earn what you want and delete ítems from your big list of dreams once you make them happen to end next year with the satisfaction of having all achieved, DONE!

Would you like to know more?

I invite you to read more to know how to achieve a MEMORABLE YEAR at “How to Plan a Memorable Year; No matter the date of the year”

Why would you trust me?
Every moment in life is a great moment for a change. Are you ready to go for it?
Life is a journey to go through, full of lessons and experiences; from each one of them we learn, we grow and we evolve.
Still sometimes we don´t Why does this happen?
Because, everything in life is a process that does not happen overnight, for sure not!
Not everybody is aware about his “life purpose”, it takes time to dive inside and be able to phrase it. We all have a vision, a mission and a passion; when we are able to integrate them we can see the picture in front of our eyes with no effort: There is our purpose! We will never again walk blind to our destination.
We have to make the decision that will unfold “the map of the treasure of our life destination”. Nobody will do it for YOU.
Are you ready to begin walking the fantastic journey leading you to live your life on purpose?
If the answer is yes, follow me since you will never regret what you will discover when you take my course at
“How to Plan a Memorable Year; No matter the date of the year”

Wishing you all the best you deserve and can imagine from now, looking forward to see you in the class soon

Esther Coronel de Iberkleid
 “The Clarity Mentor”
“Leadership Consultant for Visionary Leaders”
La Paz  -  Bolivia 

TOOLS FOR L.I.F.E. - Live Intensely Fully Energized

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TOOLS FOR L.I.F.E. - Live Intensely Fully Energized
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What do people say about Esther and her  work?
Astrid Denise Morgan – Lima - Perú :
I met Esther many years ago, when our children were studying at the Franco Boliviano " Alcide D'orbigny" School. She struck me as a dynamic, positive, outgoing entrepreneur; in other words a modern woman with many interests and new, innovative ideas, who put them into practice very successfully. At the time, she produced spices and also tutored primary, middle school, high school, and University students in math, science, physics and chemistry. Whenever someone asked for a good tutor, the answer inevitably was:" Call Esther Iberkleid, she's the best."

I was able to ascertain this a few years later, when my eldest child needed one. I obviously called Esther, and she proved to be all that was said about her and more. She helped my daughter to organize herself, acquire better study habits, enhanced her capabilities, learn the subject matter well, and as if that weren't enough, Esther gave her self esteem a great big boost. My daughter was able to clarify all her doubts and started looking at school with more confidence and self assurance, both gained during her tutoring.

As a former teacher, I consider this to be a great asset in a tutor. I have seen many students who loose their confidence when they move into higher grades. It is not that they don't study, or don't know the subject matter; it is mainly that they loose faith in themselves due to various reasons. Subjects get tougher, they go into their teens and feel more vulnerable and are under the constant criticism of their peers, some even have teachers whom they fail to understand; or who undermine them. This causes children to lower their grades, and as they do so they start believing they aren't capable enough, which in turn makes them lower their grades even more. Esther is a teacher/tutor, who not only knows the subject she teaches well and is constantly learning more about it; but she is always improving herself in order to find additional ways to impart her lessons, making them interesting and effective. More importantly, she cares and helps students realize that they are capable of facing, and succeeding in any challenge they face.

I admire Esther greatly. She has strength, is always positive, and will go out and do everything she needs to do, to reach her goal. It was only four years ago, that she told me about her new enterprise over a cup of coffee, and now the results are amazing! She is doing something she loves, is happy and is very successful at it. This is what we would all want to achieve in life, isn't it? ... and it is the reason why I feel that she is such a great role model.

As a teacher, as a client, and as a parent I would highly recommend Esther. She is excellent at what she does, always seeking to be the best, and is always well informed on new trends, changes or improvements there are in her field. I am convinced that whatever Esther begins, or whichever goals she sets for herself, she will always reach them and be the best at what she does.
Wendy Howard - Small Business Expert, helping Coaches, Trainers, Consultants to grow profitable businesses
Esther has the most amazing energy which she brings to all of her work and clients. Her knowledge and experience is very in depth and she has a true gift of connecting and helping people - quite literally change their lives.

She has a number of diverse programs and offers many tools for business and life directional changes. I would recommend anyone who wants to make positive change and have a wealthier life to work with Esther.

Great person, great passion, great business!
Sandy Hargrave, MA - Global Distributor at LifeVantage
Esther has a passion for helping people to become all that they can be that is powerful beyond belief! She certainly works wonders with all of her clients. She is a masterful coach and teacher and amazing to watch. I have had the honor and privilege of working with Esther as a client, a coach and as a business partner. If you'd like to find your true purpose by finding the missing link to your wealthy, worthy life, then don't wait another minute. Let Dr. Esther be your guide.
Sandy Hargrave, MA
CEO, Cruising Through Life - Seminars at Sea
Specialist Practitioner of Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning at AyPeeCo
Esther is an extremely enthusiastic 'Well Being Coach'.
As a coach, she sets high standards for herself and her clients and motivates them towards their dreams.
She is never without energy and compassion and her attitude allows her clients to aspire even when they may not have the energy.
She is never disappointed and is a true stand for both her clients and colleagues and achieves extraordinary results
Elizabeth M. Lengyel - Career Strategist. Radio Host.
Faculty, Conestoga College.

Esther is a beam of white light. Highly intuitive. Energetic. A tremendous capacity to excel in connecting others to their gifts and passions. A wise counsel with collective experience and knowledge to boost success.

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