lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

A Facebook Story today!!! For everyone that is not YET an expert!

Do you know how to use Facebook? Or get frustrated as I did when I began to use it. I am not talking today to people that know how to use Facebook. I am talking today to all the parents with children and teens living today against the world of Social Media and scared trying to stop them from being there. Let me tell you “you will not succeed”. So don´t continue trying again and again. It does not work.
What if you could understand how to use Facebook and check more what your child thinks plans and dreams?
How would you feel? Instead of feeling more frustrated everyday. Time to enjoy friendship with your child.
Did you know that facebook can be your friend instead of your enemy in this regard?
I challenge you to stop trying to bring them out and come into the world of technology since I personally know this can as well benefit you in all aspects of your life today. For that you have to know how to use it.
I invite you to connect with me and be part of my Seminars, Conferences and events at School and Universities where I speak with Parents and show them that no matter the age they can achieve it. If they want!
Let me share this with you today: I personally hated facebook when years ago my children began to use it. Guess what no matter what I did I could never bring them out so I decided to come in and enjoy this wonderful tool today.
Connect with me invite me to your School and let´s jump together into the future understanding WHY? Billions enjoy being there. You will as well benefit from it.

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